Friday, December 30, 2011

The Wonderous lights of Christmas

     A few days ago, my sister-friend, Angie, and I took a bunch of our chilins and escaped to see the all the Christmas lights at the Lights of Christmas which is hosted by Warmbeach Camp. Now this place has always held a special place in my heart as I have been going there for various functions as long as I can remember.
     Many of my most memorable moments with friends have occurred on it's grounds. There was the un-killable spider, the furry couch that reminded us of a horse, trail walks with machete totting boys, Bike riding freedom, silly camp songs, caffeine induced late night laughter, freedom from adults, scary stories which had to be believed, bible smuggling wounds from running through the woods in the dark, new card games learned, friendships made deeper, heartfelt praises sung to the Lord and my favorite, long walks along the dyke trail toward the abandoned cabin.
     As we were walking through this place I know so well, I still felt a bit of a stranger to this  different world of splendor that only occurs during Christmas. I can see my children building their memories as we take our long awaited train ride,  talk to the tree that knows who we are and eat the fresh baked donuts that we look forward to each year. And just in case you've ever wondered, Angie and I think we are onto their "secret ingredient". Having just learned that hunger is usually the best ingredient. What do you get when you combine said hunger with 46 minutes of waiting for, while smelling awesome hot donut sugary goodness with 7 children in the cold. I think it could be called desperation although I'm sure anticipation is a better word. Either way, that combined with the typical ingredients makes for a sugary doughy, chewing silent experience that is out-of-this-world!!
     I, of course, do not have any pictures of this wait and following donut joy because I was tired. Happy, but tired.  But, you may, of course, enjoy the pictures that I did take.

We're finally here!!!

Entering wonderland
Yes, our children ARE animals!

Takes attitude to pull a carriage.

What does it look like from the other side???
Levi is too tall for the Pony Rides.

What IS in there?

Primrose like a Lite-Brite.

Talking to Bruce the Spruce
A whole bunch of kids.

My Favorite Tree

Some major prayers

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