Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tooth Fairy Fail

The Tooth fairy Saga. Sienna lost her 3rd tooth in the last 2 weeks.

Tooth #1, Forgot to put $$ under pillow the first night, Sad girl the next morning. Barely remembered the 2nd night.  -partial FAIL.

Tooth #2. Put tooth on counter above the sink for safe keeping. Left tooth on the counter, forgot to put under pillow. Again, sad morning. Next night, forgot again. 10 pm, I remember, grab the tooth (and $$) and Violently try to wake up Sienna, (ya right) and SHOW her I am placing the tooth under her pillow. (placed the $$ instead) and waited for morning. Sienna went to school, nobody remembered to check for tooth $$ till after school - FAIL

Tooth #3. Sienna placed tooth under pillow almost immediately but as bedtime came, Andy and I forgot...again. 5:30 am, I get woken to an extremely loud whisper of "TOOOOOOTH FAIRY" I jump up, (And this is where I went wrong, we both know Andy is the more graceful one) grab a few quarters and sleepy stumble....quietly?...downstairs in my giant white robe. I bet I looked like a ghost. I check under her pillow, nothing. I check under her bed....nothing. I do another, larger check under pillow.....sleep sounds cease. I drop to the floor and listen to Sienna smack lips and roll over. No sleeps sounds resume.....still none. While hiding on the floor, I see a glitter of plastic from the sandwich bag containing, the tooth. I slowly reach under the bed and carefully grab it. Have you EVER realized how loud a small plastic bag is!!! I slowly pull it towards me, Sienna rolls over......."Mom....Why are you here?" I quickly stand up, "Oh, I just came down hereto check on you, to see if you peed the bed." She replies, "Yep. I did. But why were you down there?" "Just checking for Tweakers (our cat)." Then I act shocked and exclaim "Oh, there she is, she's on your bed! I knew I heard her."  We fixed the bed, changed clothes and went back to sleep. I try to pretend it's still the middle of the night by saying, "sleep good, you need your sleep, see you in the morning."

6:30 am..Mom, You put the $$ under my pillow when you came down there.             FAIL

Wednesday, September 14, 2011