Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Much Taller Little Brother

     I guess it doesn't matter how much they grow, or how grown up they act, because your little brother will always be your little brother. Mine, in fact, is quite tall, strong and grown up. Calling him my little brother seems silly, yet, it's the best way to describe the joy I feel when I am around him. He's special to me, he is just amazing really, I simultaneously adore him and look up to him. My heart is always wanting to hug him, while my brain wants to have deep conversations and hear all about his ideas and dreams. With a guitar in his hands, he can't help but create beauty. He is simply awesome.
     He is also quite lucky, lucky of course to have found a wonderful girl. A girl who's spirit matches his own. Beautiful inside and out, kind and loving. Together they are like the wind, restless and free, you can not help but find yourself irresistibly drawn to them and their love for life.