Monday, December 12, 2011

A Birthday from Before

    So, on October 8th, my son turned 8. This is his golden year. I'm not  really sure he realizes that life isn't ever going to be near as much fun as it is right now. For the next few years he gets to enjoy being young enough to trick or treat, old enough to ride his bike to his friend's houses alone, no more responsibility than a few chores, and just enough responsibility to spend the night with his friends. His bike is his car, no insurance, no fuel. His job is to learn, no tuition, no expensive text books. His relationships are simple, no dating, no hormones. Ice Cream can still turn a bad day into a good one, God's love is easy to trust in, and sharing a birthday party, no matter how simple, with your friends is simply awesome.

3 Legged Race

Corbin spys the finish line

Straight up Relay Races....To wear them out....maybe.

Three Cheers for the Birthday Boy.


  1. Hey, that looks like MY skateboard!!! ha! ha!

    Great shots!
    love K