Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Mother of the Flower Girl

Yesterday I was the mother. Not mother of the bride, or mother of the groom. No, my position was a scarier one. Although less emotional. My Vivacious daughter and independent son were chosen in a place of honor at our cousin's wedding. 

My story starts months prior to the wedding, when these darling children cut the curls out of the flower girl's hair and left her with hair shorter than any of her brothers. As the wedding drew near, I grew afraid. My children, daughter specifically, are known to shift from the amazing, obedient children, into little ogres without a moments notice.

The day arrives..The bribery, You must be good presents are packed, the dress and tux is in the car and off we go. Sienna's curls are only being slighly smashed by her car seat and mission one is accomplished as we pull up to the wedding place Right on time! 

After shyly posing for a few pictures, Sienna get's the idea and starts following around the bridal girls. They're so beautiful and she knows that she's special to be one of them. Corbin at some point looked at me (having been off with the groomsmen for some time), Mom, I'm not shy, I'm brave in my james bond suit!

I Then, as the wedding get's closer and we've been on our best behavior for some time, I can see the whites of their eyes starting to show. 

Okay, the wedding starts, they walk up the aisle without a hitch. Sienna dutifully drops EVERY last pettal and double checks before taking her place in line next to her cousin Kristen. Then it starts. She takes the basket, with a knowing look at Kirsten (she can't tell me No) and starts wackign herself on the head with the basket. Then starts hitting Kristen's dress with it. Seeing me finally she stops but then drops the basket (thump) and falls to the ground in a pout. Moments later she starts lifting up Kristens dress so I call her over to my seat (which was part of the plan if necessary) She sits on my lap restlessly for a moment before anouncing...I have to pee. 

To get to the bathroom you have to walk past ALL the people, down the stairs (which echo) and into the reception hall below. I ask her if she can wait. "No, I have to pee right now.) "Can you wait 15 mnutes?" "no, I have to pee." "Can you.." "NO, I AM GOING TO PEE MY PANTS!!!" Sienna loudly announces. I take her hand and we briskly move towards the stairs as quietly as we can. Down we go, trying not to echo. Fast as a whistle, we pee and up we go again with plenty of time to spare. 

Soon after it's her turn to walk down the aisle with Corbin, she jumps off my lap, right as she should and stands with Kristen for the last bit. With a gleem iin her eye, she walks to the middle of the floor, and stands still looking at all the people and NOT walking down the asile with Corbin. He grabs her arm and drags her down. She smiles the whole time and lets herself be drug by the arm as laughter lifts up. And I know She did it on purpose! Totally knowing it would get her some attention.

For the rest of the evening, my children enjoyed their place of honor and spent their time dancing (Sienna) and Mingling with the guests and groomsmen (Corbin) During the Groom and his mother dance, I, far from the dance floor get an odd feeling. I have not seen Sienna for a bit. Walking towards the dance floor, my fear is confirmed, there she is crawling and scooting on the floor in circles the dancing couple. They don't seem to mind and she sees me and get's up, although by now the song is over. At this point.. What can a Mother do??

Driving home I told them how amazing they were and adorble, brave and obedient. I told them I knew for SURE that God made them PERFECTLY for me! They were perfect to be my children and I loved them very much. Corbin says back to me. "Mom, you make me want to cry, that makes me so happy." Me too Corbin, Me too!

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