Tuesday, June 19, 2012

91 Years

     It's catch up on blogging time, since my school quarter has ended. Also it's mostly quiet since 2 of kids are still in school, which would be stupid, IF the sun was out. But it's not, so, I guess I'm okay with them going in a week after every other school is done. I love snow days, when they come, but make-up snow days are ridiculous. Seriously, isn't snowman building - PE, sledding and momentum - science, and cleaning up melting snow and wet clothing - Home Economics?

     Anyhow, I had time to day to edit the pictures from my Papa's 91st Birthday. He's a pretty amazing guy, and was out chopping wood 5 years ago. You couldn't keep him in the house. He had a slight stroke 2 years ago, and then fell and broke his hip a few weeks later. His favorite thing to do, once house-bound, was read, and he read like crazy, until he lost his eyesight in February. My Great-Grandma, who lived till 96 used to say that the most difficult thing you ever do, is get old.

     Papa has 4 children, 12+ grandchildren (I can't remember how many step Grandchildren), and around 19 great grandchildren. He grew up in an orphanage with his sister, and later was a Marine in World War II, and served in the Guadalcanal Campaign (Info: GuadalCanal Campaign, August 1942).    
     After his service, he lived in several states before settling here in Washington with my Grandma. He worked in the Old Arlington Hospital as a lab technician. As a grandpa, he is top notch, and knew the perfect balance between love and discipline. We all ate things we would never have ate for our parents (nut bread, liver, peas), and did not complain. He took care of his second wife after her stroke, learned all her recipes, and baked the best goodies. After his second wife passed away, he also began to date and later remarried my Grandma, his first wife. They now live together, and still make each other crazy.

It takes a lot of stuff to get old.

So many fun thing to find at Papa's and Grandma's House

Papa gave this GIANT Magnolia tree to Grandma Some 50 years ago on Mother's day. Like their family, it has flourished.


  1. Great post babe. Made me cry!!

    1. In the Phone picture, he's talking to you, I believe. :)