Wednesday, January 18, 2012

RIP Snowman

This is the snowman we built on Monday. As Andy and I were about to go to bed, we noticed mean kids had already kicked it down. All day long our little boys had been bragging about how big and strong they were to roll those big snowballs around. In the morning they were very sad, and woke us up early to tell us of the tragedy.
RIP Monday SnowMan and SnowDog.

This is our Tuesday Snowman and Snowdog. We built them closer to our house for their safety.  We thought that Monday SnowMan and SnowDog could wave to all the people that drove by. But Tuesday Snowman and SnowDog don't really have that ability, but they get to wave to us when we leave and arrive, so, it's  not a bad life.

Tuesday SnowMan and SnowDog were built with Monday's remaining snow clumps.
     Right before bed, on Tuesday night, Andy stepped outside,into the dark, to have a last cigarette before bed. A car and a truck full of people was nearing our house. Andy heard a voice shout, "HEY, they rebuilt the snowman." and the cars slowed to halt right in front of the house. We're not sure what would have happened next, because that was when they saw Andy and took off.

     Please parents, teach your young adults, that small CHILDREN build snowmen. Children Love their snowmen, and are sad when they get kicked over........well..... unless they do the kicking themselves.

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  1. Oh the sinister truck of people! Why must you crush the hard work and dreams of these children for their beloved frosty??? Really, that's mean. I hope they felt super duper guilty and remember it for always and cherish all snowmen forever. :)